best thing you'll do this summer

The best thing you’ll do this summer

It is three weeks today until Bredon Cricket Club Tower Run 2017 (Sunday, May 28, 2017), the best thing you’ll do this summer.

Here’s why:

1. It’s a challenge!

Let’s face it. If it was easy you wouldn’t get that fabulous feeling of achievement afterwards. It entails a 299m climb, but you will feel much greater satisfaction at completing the run than from a flat 10k. And remember you don’t have to break any records. Take your time, walk if you need to, and just enjoy an amazing running experience.

2. The views are breathtaking

best thing you'll do this summer
Runners will enjoy stunning views on the tower run course

Few people reach the top of Bredon Hill and are disappointed by what they find there. The iconic 18th-century tower (Parson’s Folly) and the atmospheric Iron Age fort are fascinating in themselves, but the biggest treat lies in the sweeping views across the Vale of Evesham, south to the Cotswold Hills and west to the Malverns. It is countryside that inspired the poetry of A E Housman, and it is simply breathtaking.

 3. The entertainment is terrific

Completing the tower run isn’t the end of your day at Bredon; we are laying on a big party for all our runners. There will be a barbecue and cake stall, and Americana music from the Malvern Hillbillies band. Our fully licensed bar will be open, and there will be a bouncy castle for younger children. Our cricket ground at the foot of Bredon Hill is the perfect place for friends and families to watch the runners cross the finish line and help them celebrate their achievement.

4. It’s a bargain

Entry to the tower run costs just £10. That compares extremely well with other trail runs of similar length. Parking is free too, and there is no charge for guests who simply want to enjoy the hospitality and music at our picturesque cricket ground and soak up the atmosphere of the run.

5. It’s so good for you

Trail running works your muscles, tendons and ligaments differently than running on the road or treadmill. And running trails uphill or down not only builds your cardiovascular engine, it strengthens quads, glutes, calves, and core, according to Men’s Fitness. Tackling the tower run will also improve your balance and proprioception (your body’s ability to know where it is in space), a benefit that carries over into all the other sports and activities you do.

6. You’ll be helping two very good causes

best thing you'll do this summer
Part of your entrance fee will go towards the Midlands Air Ambulance. Photo: Midlands Air Ambulance

We are not asking people who enter the tower run to seek sponsorship, but their entry fees will go towards what we think are two very good causes. One is the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity.  It receives no government or National Lottery funding, and more than £7 million is needed each year to keep its three air ambulances operational. The other beneficiary of your entrance fee is us, Bredon Cricket Club. We are a community asset, and we field three adult teams and several junior teams in local leagues. We are proud of our record of introducing scores of youngsters to the national game of the English summer.

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