Bredon Cricket Club subs for 2017

2017 subs
Money well spent! Subs have been set for 2017

Bredon Cricket Club’s subs for 2017 have been ratified at the club’s annual meeting.

The annual subscription for senior players is £40.

The subscription for junior players (10 to 17) is £20.

The cost for Friday evening coaching sessions for five to 10-year-olds is £10 a child, and a least one parent/carer is expected to take out a social membership of the club.

Social memberships cost £10 a year, and include access to our friendly, refurbished clubhouse which boasts TV and highly competitive bar prices.

Our subs remain among the lowest of sports clubs in the area, and your fees are helping to make Bredon a success on and off the field.

More details on how and when to pay later.


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