We’re in the money! Our prize draw winners revealed

prize draw winners
Lucky, lucky! The winners of our prize draw are revealed

The prizes in Bredon Cricket Club’s 2016 prize draw have been revealed.

Junior members Jamie Robb and Jordan Huggins won the top prizes of £100 each.

Other winners were:

January: Jo Law £25; Sally New £15; Marion Ralls £10

February: Bill Taylor £25; Joy Goodwin £15; Freddie Gallagher £10

March: Isaac Tagg £25; Shaun Hickey £15; Jayesh Patel £10

September: Liam Harris £25; Gavin Dron £15; Rory McGuigan

October: Linda Harding £25; Johnny Spence £15; Barney Cooper £10

November: Mel Perry £25; Fran Barthorpe £15; Paddy Elloway £10

December: Josh Kelly £25; Will Rolley £15; Julia Simmonds £10

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