National Village Cup 2017: Bredon meet Harvington in first round


Bredon play Harvington Cricket Club away in the first round of the National Village Cup on Sunday, April 30, following the draw today.

Victory would put us a step closer to playing in the competition’s final at Lord’s, the home of cricket.


National Village Cup draw, and Bredon is in it!

National Village Cup final 2015
A scene from the National Village Cup final in 2015. Picture: The Cricketer

Clubs across the nation, including Bredon, will battle it out for a place in the National Village Cup final at Lord’s on Sunday, September 17.

You can follow the draw live below on the feed from The Cricketer magazine’s Twitter page on Friday, February 17.

The first round of the competition will be played on Sunday, April 30. Dates for the remaining rounds are here.

The list will be available in full on the website straight after the draw.

Every year about 300 clubs from villages across the British Isles battle for the chance to play in the final at Lord’s, the home of cricket.

The competition has its origins in a meeting in the committee room at Lord’s.

Aidan Crawley, chairman of the National Cricket Association, looked out of the window and remarked that he had always wanted to see village cricketers play on the hallowed turf.

Ben and Belinda Brocklehurst formed a plan of campaign with The Cricketer.

They agreed what constituted a village, deciding that it should be a “rural community surrounded on all sides by open countryside”.

By the end of the 1971 cricket season, 785 clubs had been divided into 32 regional groups, whose local knock-out competitions would provide the starting point of the inter-group stages and thereafter the national rounds.