Join CricketForce Day 2016 and help Bredon Cricket Club get ready for the new season


ECB CricketForce Day 2016 at Bredon Cricket Club starts at 10am on Sunday, April 3.

There is plenty to do before our beautiful Hill Close ground is ready for a new season of cricket.

That is why we welcome any club members, as well as our neighbours in the community, who would like to lend a hand.

We have a variety of jobs that need doing, and we won’t ask anyone to tackle anything they are not entirely comfortable doing.

We will provide volunteers with tea, coffee and bacon sandwiches. And, of course, they will all have our heartfelt thanks!

How to find our Hill Close ground.

Use the form below to let us know if you are able to help, or would like more information:

Bredon beat Dumbleton with one ball to spare

Tom Cruise in Top Gun
Well done, guys! Bredon edge it over Dumbleton by the narrowest of margins

Dumbleton (129-4) lose to Bredon (130-4) with one ball remaining

Matches don’t come any closer than this, both in terms of the score-book, which often disguises reality, and on the pitch where the sides were evenly matched and equally competitive.

Dumbleton got the better start to their innings with Matt Nicholson (30 no) and Ashley Baker (31) taking 60 with ease from the Bredon opening bowlers.

From such a base, and both retired, Scott Tremain (16) and Tom Green (29 no) passed the hundred in the 10th over with four wickets remaining.

Dumbleton probably should have capitalised on this position, especially with the return of the openers, but Dom Fenney took two good wickets to disrupt the final assault.

One hundred and twenty-nine nevertheless is a better than par total, and if Bredon were to win there would be little margin for error.

Jamie Munro (34) and Tim McVIcker (24) made a positive start, even though McVicker was run out in the third over at 36.

Martin Hill (32 no) and Jamie Diamond (28 no) pressed on and were ahead of the rate and Dumbleton at the same stage.

Two more retirements and a couple of wickets later brought the Bredon openers back. All good tactics, one assumed.

Tom Green was now bowling with pace and beating the bat of Munro, eventually yorking him with the score 127-4 in the last over.

Diamond had two balls to face and played Green back firmly for three and victory.

Whether this decides the league is to be seen. Both sides have a game left, with Bredon facing Ashton-under-Hill in theirs.

Bredon Cricket Club committee meeting minutes, March 2016


lords weathervane
Wise old men? Members of the committee met for their March meeting

Here are the minutes from the March 2016 meeting of Bredon Cricket Club.

Main points: new subs for 2016 proposed, new groundsman, progress on clubhouse revamp, and tips on cricket teas.

There will be an extraordinary general meeting on Tuesday, April 12, at 7pm (immediately before the usual monthly committee meeting) to vote on new membership fees for 2016.

Please use the form below to raise any matter with the committee:

Welcome to the Bredon Cricket Club online shop

cricket hoodie top from the online shop
Browse and buy club-branded clothing from the online shop

Bredon Cricket Club has a new online shop.

Visitors can buy a range of top-quality clothing from Martin Berrill Sports Gloucester.

All kit is available in a range of sizes, and includes our club badge.

Click here to browse the club’s online shop.

Six tips to help you make a perfect cricket tea

cricket tea
Mandy Clements-Hunt has some cracking tips for anyone preparing a cricket tea. Picture: ECB

While our players seek glory on the pitch, Mandy Clements-Hunt will be behind the scenes helping serve up a perfect cricket tea.

But she can’t do it all on her own, and is appealing for volunteers to join her team.

Providing a cricket tea doesn’t cost you a penny, she explains.

“You buy the ingredients and do the work, and your skipper will pay you at the end of the match from the match fees he collects from your team, and the tea money he collects from the opposition.

“The going rate is up to about £40. You can provide a belter for that!”

If you know the club, just call in and make for the roster on the club noticeboard. Pick your date and write your name alongside.

Mandy also welcomes help from those who haven’t previously been involved in the club. If you would like to contact her and find out more just complete the form at the end of this post and she’ll get in touch with you.

Meanwhile, here are Mandy’s six ingredients for a perfect cricket tea, and some tips for tackling what can be an immensely rewarding challenge:

1. Choose the right ingredients for your cricket tea

  1. Four loaves for sandwiches
  2. An assortment of savouries (probably two of each) such as pork pie segments, mini sausage rolls, mini scotch eggs, cocktail sausages.
  3. An assortment of cakes, tarts, sweet items, or those chocolate Rice Crispy things
  4. Some crisps or tortilla chips (emptied into a bowl or two)
  5. Some fruit – bananas, clementines, strawberries (or similar) – usually goes down well
  6. And, of course, tea… and orange squash

You can vary the plot a little:

  • Bread or finger rolls to do some of the sandwiches
  • Samosas or onion bhajis as savouries
  • Scones with jam and butter or cream
  • Hot savouries such as pizza get devoured, but they’re more effort – your call.
  • Sandwiches can be as simple or complicated as you want

2. Rely on some staple sandwich fillings

  • Cheese
  • Tuna mayo (and sweet corn / cucumber)
  • Egg mayo
  • Coronation chicken
  • Chicken and chutney
  • Corned beef
  • Sausage (good in rolls)
  • Beef
  • Pate

You can add to any of the above appropriate combos such as cucumber, tomato, mustard, pickle, piccalilli, chutney, lettuce.

3. Use this sample shopping list

With a bit of skill and judgement, you can get all of this cricket tea list at any supermarket (there should be tea, sugar, orange squash in the pavilion, but check and add to the list if you need them).

  • Sarnies bread (square sliced loaves best): four loaves
  • Margarine: one 500g tub
  • Cheese
  • Ham: pack of 20 slices
  • Eggs: six large
  • Tomatoes: six
  • Medium cucumber
  • 1 Hellmann’s mayonnaise (small jar)
  • Other savouries sausage rolls: frozen pack of 50/100 cocktail sausages
  • Two frozen packs of 40 pizzas – thin margherita or pepperoni frozen
  • Two twin packs of Doritos or tortilla chips
  • Six-pack mini scotch eggs
  • One pack cakes ‘n’ stuff bar fruit cakes
  • Two bar lemon cakes
  • Two chocolate Swiss rolls
  • Two packs of 10 jam tarts
  • Milk: two pints

In addition to the food, you will need:

  1. A bit of time and space. Sarnies for 22 plus a bit of preparation at home will take up a couple of hours the morning of the match/or the night before.
  2. Enough room in your fridge for five trays of sandwiches and anything else you’ve bought or made that needs keeping fresh. Enough room in the freezer for the frozen stuff.
  3. Clingfilm: seal those sarnies quick for best results
  4. Sharp knives
  5. About five sandwich trays. Get them from the pavilion kitchen or use your own
  6. Tupperware or similar container for the sausage rolls and sausages

4. Follow these instruction to make four loaves into sandwiches

Get the fillings ready in bowls. Grate lots of cheese into a bowl, slice up the other stuff.

To make egg mayonnaise for one loaf: hard boil six large eggs. Cool them, shell them and chop them up. Add a couple of spoonfuls of mayonnaise, salt and pepper, and mash it into a light and easily spreadable paste. Don’t eat it all.

Work fast. Cut sarnies diagonally into quarters. With a sharp knife you can do several rounds at once. Stack them in rows on a sandwich tray and when it’s full cover it immediately with cling film and stash it in the fridge.

5. Adopt this plan of action

It’s best to shop the morning of the match.

If there is any doubt, immediately before shopping ring or text the team captain and check the match is still on.

There should always be tea, sugar, and orange squash in the pavilion kitchen (Birlingham, you should please take your own along).

There should be tea towels, washing up liquid, scourers, dishwasher tabs and rinse agent.

I generally start making the tea at about 25 overs, depending on how the game is going. Chat to the players they will tell you if you need to rush! And if the wickets fall too quickly ask them to help you!

Lay out everything, and remember cups and plates/napkins.

Pour the tea!

Put out some squash and tumblers.

6. And finally, smile!

You’ve done as much as you can, and your efforts will be appreciated. Now all you have to do is stop your players eating everything before the opposition have arrived!

Send us your pictures

Were you one of the many people around the cricket-playing world inspired by Mandy’s tips? We’d love to hear from you. Post a picture of your tea on our Facebook page.

New membership fees for 2016

piggy bank
Memberships fees for Bredon Cricket Club have been agreed. Picture: George HH

The committee of Bredon Cricket Club has agreed new membership prices for the 2016 season.

They are:

Senior member: £20

Junior member: £10

Social member: £10

The club require at least one parent/guardian of junior members to take out a social membership (we define a junior member as someone who is 18 or under in full-time education).

Players’ match fees remain unchanged from last season.

Payments can be made by cheque to Bredon Cricket Club, Hill Close, Westmancote, Tewkesbury GL20 7EA.

Look out soon for details about how you can pay over the internet.

  • All prices are subject to ratification at the club’s extraordinary general meeting.

Get set for outside nets

A robin singing
It’s spring… and that means outside nets start again

Spring is in the air! And that means outside nets start soon at Bredon Cricket Club.

Practice sessions are open for players aged 16 and over, and are held between 6pm and 8pm every Thursday.

The first of the 2016 season is on Thursday, April 7.

The clubhouse bar, now under the management of Will Rollett, will be open for every nets session.

Come along and get yourself ready for the new season.

Indoor nets are still running at Prince Henry’s High School, Evesham. Details here.



Cider, beer and cricket for the over 45s

bottles of cider
Oldfields Orchard Cider are Hobsons Brewery are backing the over 45s competition

Fancy a thirst-quenching pint of cider or traditional ale? Well, you’ll have to earn it first!

Hobsons Brewery and Oldfields Orchard Cider are sponsoring the 2016 over 45s club cricket competition, and Bredon are entering a team.

The idea is to increase the opportunities for senior players who may no longer be playing, or are thinking about retiring.

Worcestershire Cricket and Seniors Association, who have organised the competition, are asking captains to agree on formats on the day, and for every club to promote enjoyment and involvement, rather than competition. Download the rules in full here.

Sounds like a formula for a good day out… with plenty of refreshment at the end of it!

Ten teams are taking part. Bredon’s first game is against Pershore away (date to be agreed), and the cup and plate finals will be played at Bromsgrove on Sunday, September 4.

You can download the draw here.

Bredon beat Alcester and Ragley to go top

Indoor cricket ball
Bredon go top in Evesham Indoor League

Alcester & Ragley (98-2) lost to Bredon (100-2) with two balls remaining in this Evesham Indoor Cricket League fixture.

Alcester gave Bredon a fright in this battle for the top, producing a below par total for Bredon to chase, then making life difficult for them as they scraped home with a couple of balls to spare.

Bredon’s opening bowlers pinned Alcester’s batsmen to the crease, allowing them only 32 from six overs.

George Guy in particular posed problems, with a pacey left-arm spell of three overs for 11.

Having seen Max Bitcliffe’s frustration cause his unnecessary run-out in the second over, the Alcester batsmen seemed reluctant to take any further risks.

It was not until Dominic Fenney’s (0-40) friendlier bowling gave Marc Woolley (23 no) and Tom Jackson (15 no) a chance to play tip and run at the end of the innings and double to score in the last four overs that Alcester looked in the least likely to present any sort of target for Bredon to chase.

As it was, a score under a hundred seemed unlikely to present problems until Steve Capron’s first over conceded just one run, and Jamie Munro’s was dismissed with a great piece of fielding and direct throw which gave Alcester heart.

With circumspection Dominc Fenney and Jamie Diamond made their 25s but Bredon were only marginally ahead of Alcester at the same stage.

This left them needing 13 from the final over; no forgone conclusion.

A rather messy final over with a wide, byes and leg byes plus a four from the bat of Clive Fenney into the vacant leg-side field got Bredon home.

Ashton-under-Hill got their points more easily but unsatisfactorily with Feckenham being unable to field a side.

Umpires Ian Fincher and John Iggulden; scorer Alan Norcott.